Thursday, 27 November 2014

I think I do this on a daily basis. Now let's see me animate it!

So I can animate a ball bouncing. Neat.

Meeting YETI FARM!

We had a great opportunity to meet with Ashley Ramsay last week to talk about the Animation Industry.  She gave us insights into the animation world and told us about YETI FARM which is the animation studio her and her husband founded here in Kelowna BC.  It was great to see Ashley and we learned a bunch of things that I personally wouldn't have even thought to consider when it comes to actually working in a studio.  Check out their website at
We had visited the studio prior to Ashley's visit as well and I found that it was an excellent vibe there and that the smaller crew (compared to larger studios) gave it a family like atmosphere.  I truly hope I can find an opportunity to get a starting position at that studio after I have completed my course next fall!

Welcome to the Cheree Blog!

So this is my first post for my blog.  This is a little bit about me!  I am a 2D Animation student at CATO in Kelowna BC.  I've been living in the Okanagan and Vancouver off and on for the past 17 years.  I've always been creative and have pursued art in many different forms.  For this blog I hope to share my work as well as what inspires me out there.